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[10 Aug 2006|11:03am]
ive kinda lost touch with livejournal for a while.




alright, fuck livejournal.
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kinda sad [19 Apr 2006|05:42am]
i dont talk to my old friends much anymore. lizzy called the other day for lonnies death birthday. that was an amazing convo. other than that, i dont talk to the same old ppl. i call them, but i dont talk to them.


new friends are good, but different.

happy b-day peter!!! it was great to have your first legal drink with you!
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[23 Mar 2006|07:58am]
so i took my cat to the vet today for surgery. poor guy is gettin his nuts cut off......

so what have i been up to right??

-tuesday i was able to meet the next mayor of louisville, kelly downard, at a campaign benefit. he is an amazing man who has the ambition to lead louisville in the right direction. im tired of louisvilles stagnant state for the past 20 years.

-i was invited by our current mayor to be on his recently created task force for brightside's litter summit. that should be interesting. im always the only person under 30 at those events.

-i have been running the entire south unload at UPS, leaving me in charge of 26 people. crazy. soon enough i will have a partner that will run the west side for me, so i can focus on the east.

-i set the date for the Louisville Ecological Foundation's spring Project Litter Leach event for May 13th. Anyone looking for a fun day in the park cleaning up, set that day aside and let me know. the website should be updated soon: http://www.lef.8k.com . im also looking for some volunteers to help form a committe for the foundation. hit me up if your interested.

-oh and yea, ive kinda fallen off the face of the earth, sry: call me and well hang out. anyone planning on going to the derby???
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sour.... [11 Mar 2006|08:33pm]
things arent the same here in town. this will be a rather uneventful spring break. if i would have left her for spring break, how would she have felt, what would she have done????

am i alowed to be pissed off now, or is it too late for that?

i talked to her for a total of 10 min before she had to go. i MIGHT get to talk to her tomorrow. bullshit.

unions dont protect the common worker.... they protect the worthless worker, thereby lowering the common workers pay.

you can tell its going to be a bad day when you wake up hating the world.
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[09 Mar 2006|06:51pm]
earlier in life i struggled with thoughts of the future,
now i struggle with thoughts of the past

its seems there will come a point in my life when i have nothing more to look foward to in the future,
only a past to struggle with and sort out.

now i understand why my grandfather drinks.
simply to stop thinking about the past.

i dont want to get old.
i dont want the dreams to end.
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[01 Mar 2006|09:19pm]
okay, so right now i have (4) A+'s and (1) F in my classes this semester. wtf, there goes my 4.0 for the semester. with some work, i can still pull off a 3.7.

oh, yea the weather is AMAZING! shorts and sandals are a godsend.

i may be bar tending this saturday, sounds like a good time.

hangin with lizay b on friday and i cant wait!!!
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son of a bitch......... [23 Feb 2006|03:46pm]
to the dismay of many im sure, i am still alive.

once again i am finding myself in a relationship and totally scared shitless. what is it about commitments that totally freaks me out nowadays?

im just not so sure about this, and its only been a week.

i just dont feel like dealing with it. not good, eh?
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Notice, Before I Get Calls to Remove This Post: There Are No Names. [13 Feb 2006|03:08pm]
so apparently i have a reputation of getting gurls drunk and trying to have sex with them.

it sounds like something i would do, but i just dont remember it happening.

i would call her a stupid bitch to her face. however i have little reason "seek people out" and go behind her back and call her the "town whore".

the name might actually fit if i were to only add one word....


if i actually cared what she had to say, i would have read and replied to her. women and their drama. do they actually enjoy starting this shit?
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[09 Feb 2006|07:46pm]
i have the most stressful job in the world, but i love it so far.

why is everyone so lazy? the unions are destroying america.
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so heres how things work out [08 Feb 2006|05:34am]
Reasons i ABSOLUTELY CANNOT get off work to drive 4 hours to a "dance":
-my supervisor is gone for the next 2 weeks
-my fellow supervisor tore his bicept and will be off work for several weeks
****this is not the cheap lie i was going for: this is legit****

so i tell her this and appologize for being unable to go. she bargains with me, atempting to sway my choice and then nearly stops talking. i said id like to make it up to her and take her out sometime, she said only if im lucky. she claims it wasnt just bc she needed me to go, but because she wanted me to go. however she seems completely unreceptive to anything else.

if i honestly expected more out of women, i might be upset. but i realize that logic does not apply to them, and i move on.

oh darn...

.....she was a cutie though.
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I could scream it a thousand times, and still not hear it. [06 Feb 2006|06:53pm]
Anything I could ever want or be, I already have or are.
For those who know when enough is enough, Always have enough.
I am setting fire to my weaknesses, one at a time. Litteraly.
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[05 Feb 2006|07:42am]
im durnkn, that is all. it was a graate naight. that its all. peasece out mother fuckers.

i have to druve to uk in the morninght.

gpaws bday. shit.


ps i drank alot!!!!!!!! im not gonan lie to ya!
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Here's Your Chance to Give Chris Bailey Quality Advice [04 Feb 2006|06:04pm]
so the girl ive been crazy about since i met her the ONCE has ALMOST invited me to a dance. she must ask her friend if its okay first. (one of those weird sorority things).

however there are two problems with this:

1) i work that night. i may be able to use a vacation day.
2) im not the only person she has asked. apparently each gurl is allowed to invite 2 guys. (another one of those weird sorority things)

she says she wished she could only take me, but invited the other guy a while back out of pity. she claims that neither him or i would be considered actual dates out of fairness.

SO, is it worth the 4 hour drive and night off work to go to this? i mean if i like her, i have to give it a shot right?

j mitch, im gonna need your help here!!!
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Astennu [31 Jan 2006|04:31pm]
everywhere i go, i smell something really nasty, i sure hope its not me.....
i didnt shower today. ewwwieeee.
i think UL just stinks.

i got a cat. hes gray with a white patch on his throat.
i named him Astennu, and he is the coolest thing to walk the earth. i dont even like cats. if ur nice, ill post some pictures.

poker party, saturday at my place. open invitation, just let me know.
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YAY, i got a diploma!!! [28 Jan 2006|04:22pm]
so, after my hub school graduation, the mojority of supervisors in the class came back to my house for some poker and beer. i ended up with a fridge full of beer and 60 bucks after taking all their money. mwahahahahaha

i like parties with poker and beer better. there was nothing to clean up.

monday i get to go back to actally working and supervising and shit. its practically been a three week vacation for me.

off to lexington tonight.
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a rare public glimpse into the mind of chris bailey: confessions [23 Jan 2006|04:27am]
-im not going to tell the story of last weekend here. it is over and done with. i feel that nothing more needs to be said.
-i have created too many of my own stories recently: Saying anything negative of anyone else would be nothing short of hypocritical.
-amoung the many appologies i have been contemplating in my head, i have found several qualities of mine that leave me full heartedly embarrased.
-i am afraid of being alone. this causes several obvious complications. my insecurities makes me cling to anyone offering attention, typically the most "fit" individual. thanks to this trait i jump from person to person, building up a collection to choose from when im feeling lonely. i use people. i want it all, with no expectations in return.
-i am superficial and shallow. i worry to much about what others think, and therefore create the ideal life and the ideal people to surround myself with. i want people to envy me.
-i am angry with the world. i feel i am owed something in return for all the truama i received earlier in life. certain things make me explode, and i do such on the people who deserve it the least. i am an asshole.
-i always look for something better. no matter what situation i am in, i always convince myself there is something, just one better out there, waiting for me to grab it. ever wonder why i can never stick to anything or anyone?
-i am scared, i am lost, and i am alone. this isnt who i am supposed to be.
-it is easy for me to say "im sorry", but it is tough to be sincere. it's just something im supposed to say.
-i can change. i will change. i am changing.
-there is more to life than what i am seeking.
-i am sorry to all. i dont mean to hurt anyone, im just a f*cked up boy trying too hard to find my own peice of mind.
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everyone was right [17 Jan 2006|05:10am]
so bailey has another great story for the world to hear. another sad attempt with women that proves to me even further that women are indeed not human beings.

ive got some stuff to get off my chest. i keep thinking over and over again: what parts of the story should i include, should i use names, should i even tell the story at all. i need more time to think about it, and evaluate what i really want to say.

heres what i can say with no hesitation or regret whatsoever: everyone was right. she wasnt worth me even wasting my time with. i had very low expectations going into it, and she proved to be even farther below any expectations i could have ever possibly imagined.

i think i will include an in-depth detail of saturday's events, in all its glory, later on.

whos curious???
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OMG, Mr Abramson........!!!! [12 Jan 2006|02:11pm]
so after a full night of work, and a 45 min nap, i headed off to the mayor's litter summitt at the galt house. he sent out invitations to all the cities top leaders in politics, businesses, and organizations to try and come up with some better solutions to ending litter. somehow, i was invited. there were ceo's and vip's from major companies like Coke and Brown Foreman, as well as metro counsil members and various elected officials, and then there was.... me, founder of the louisville ecological foundation, and the only person under the age of 30. durring that time we broke up into groups to discuss plans and manipulate the details. after a full day from 8am-2pm, including a continental breakfast and 3 course lunch, i stood up, spoke into the mike in front of the cities most influencial group and give an on the spot presentation of our groups ideas. it was amazing. i was a hit. i got to meet most all of the people i didnt already know. strangely they all knew my father. and even the mayor came over and gave me a special thanks for my ideas and presentation. then he drew my name for the door prize. lol. it was an amazing time, and i was soo suprized to see the level of respect i recieved despite my age. people wanted to hear what i had to say. ill have to look out for the pictures on brightside's website.

this sounds like one of those crazy dreams i have, but it happened.

now im off to class, and then im passing my ass out before i have to work.
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just a teaser [09 Jan 2006|07:15pm]
so heres a quick update now that i have internet installed.

work is going well. im loving the new supervisor position. i still get to stay crazy busy, but my body doesnt hurt at the end of the day. i have 3 weeks of classroom instruction out of the hub. it will be nice to take a little break. and i have to give some credit to my guys. they really seem to respect me, even though im younger than most of them and ive only been with the company 9 months.

school started today. i was able to ride my bike, which was amazing. im really looking foward to getting back into school. i dropped one of my classes, bumping me down to 10 hours. i just dont want to be too stressed out this semester with everything going on.

i threw a housewarming party saturday. it was a july in christmas party that went very well, aside from peter spending the whole night in his bedroom on the phone. i went 4 and 1 in beer pong. after 4 games i was just too drunk to win. check facebook for pictures. im loving the new house.

thats about it for now. xmas break was amazing. sry to all those i didnt get to catch up with. and it was great seeing all those who....well, saw me.
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thank god for DD's [26 Dec 2005|07:13am]
so im still drunk as fuck, and ive been home for over an hour. my power just kicked back on in the house, so im good to go. im too messed up to do anything productive, but i dont feel like sleep.

christmas is sooo overrated! its all bullshit.

drunk grandparents are the worst. why cant they just die early with a legacy? it sounds bad, but this is rediculous. my grandmother died with respect, and now my grandfather wishes to wither away in a drunken state with his equally fucked up girlfriend. is there a way you can turn in drunk drivers?


christa is the coolest party person ever!

i wonder why all the guys were so nice to my lil sister at the party?

i havent talked to any of my old friends in a while, even though theyre all in town, and its xmans. wierd. really weird. oh well.

next week are my interviews. i passed my supervisor test, and had a briefing with the current supervisor i may be replacing. he told management he wants me in his place.

i want some apple juice, and to never need sleep again.
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